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Our Mission is to develop, produce and deliver world class Ozone Generators and make these available for more and more applications.

OZOPURE is headquartered in Fano Italy with subsidiaries in Spain, China and India

Ozone Applications

Drinkable Water

Waste Water

Swimming Pools

Pharmaceutical Industries

Advanced Oxidations

Laboratory and Research

Cooling Towers

Food Industries

Bottling Process

Ultrapure Water

Reverse Osmosis

Disinfection and Sterlization

Ozone Generators

Ozone Generators

Discover the wide range of Ozone reactors and auxiliary equipment we can provide

We take care of everything. Turn-key device

Meeting with the customer to get the requirements.
Study of the problem, project planning and presentation to the customer with 3D projections.
Device construction and test.
Delivery, installation..
Training for the staff at customer's plant for a “turn - key” service..

All about the Ozone

About us

About us

Ozopure group focuses its business on research, development, manufacturing and marketing of ozone generators and ozone applications.

Plate Reaction (FPR) modules and of Oscillation Frequency Locking (OFL) electric control. The technology of FPR solves most of the problems of glass-tube ozone generator, yielding no potential of glass breaking, no severe performance reduction, lower energy consumption, much small footprint, higher ozone concentration, and etc.

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