OZOPURE is a group of companies Headquartered in Fano, Italy, with subsidiaries in Spain, India and China. OZOPURE Italia is the center of competence for Ozone technology, R&D and system manufacturing. OZOPURE China supplies core components and supplies systems to the local market, based on technology developed in Italy.

Our Mission: Develop, produce and deliver world class Ozone Generators and make these available for more and more markets and applications.

Different to most of the other suppliers of ozone generators, OZOPURE has its own core technologies of Flat Plate Reaction (FPR) modules and Oscillation Frequency Locking (OFL) electric control.

We have the next generation of Ozone technology! Our own OZOPURE core technologies, our unique modular Flat Plate Reaction (FPR) technology and our Oscillation Frequency Locking (OFL) electric control.

With these technologies we solve most of the limitations of conventional glass-tube ozone generator.

  • No risk of glass breaking
  • No performance reduction
  • Low energy demand
  • Smallest footprint
  • High ozone concentration
  • Most reliable operation

quienes somos[Yancheng Ozopure Building]

Our vision:  Cleaning up our planet by the power of nature

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