Lower power consumption

Energy consumption is the biggest concern related to ozone generators. Pushing ozone technology to new markets and grow application is only possible when the ozone becomes affordable. OZOPURE ozone generators have many advantages and unique features compared to the dominating glass tube ozone generators.
1) OZOPURE ozone generators work at a higher frequency (~8,000 Hz), which reduce power consumption vs. low frequency technologies.
2) OZOPURE ozone generators have a much thinner (EDC) Electrical Discharge Chamber  (~0.2 mm), this allows a significant lower working voltage (2500-3000V) which results in a significant reduced energy consumption. Glass tube ozone generators usually have about 0.5 mm EDC, means they have to work at 6000 - 8000V which results in a significant higher energy demand.
3) OZOPURE ozone generators have much shorter gas pass way (~200 mm) compared to glass tube ozone generators which have a gas pass way up to 2000 mm.
4) With OZOPURE ozone reactors, using 92% oxygen enriched gas (produced by PSA) at 25ºC, the energy consumptions to produce 1 kg of ozone with a concentration of:
120 mg/L is 5.8 kWh
150 mg/L is 6.7kWh
200 mg/L is 9.3 kWh

Higher concentration

Ozone concentration plays an important role in many ozone applications, because high concentration means lower oxygen consumption and higher reaction potentials.  Higher ozone concentration results from higher ratio of discharge surface vs. discharge volume, from higher power frequency and finally from the effectiveness of the cooling. All this is addressed in the OZOPURE ozone reactor design.

Low performance decrease

The production capacity of ozone generators having stainless steel in the electrical discharge chamber (EDC) reduces significantly over time, because of the corrosion on the surface of the stainless steel, caused by electric discharge conditions and by oxidation through the ozone. Therefore, glass tube reactors have to be cleaned periodically when production drops by 25-30%, using OZOPURE ozone reactor FPR technology no cleaning is required.


OZOPURE ozone reactor FPR technology is significantly more robust than conventional Glass tubes. No Glass can get broken caused by electric vibrations, maintenance handling or mechanic forces. This is mostly appreciated by applications in harsh conditions like for ship ballast water disinfection.

Easy to service

The OZOPURE ozone reactor module contains 1-27 pairs of Electrical Discharge Chambers (EDC), each pair of EDC is separately connected and fused electrically. In case a single EDC fails, the pair is automatically disconnected by the fuse, without effecting the rest of the EDC’s. Cleaning or replacement of glass tubes is never necessary.

Much smaller footprint

The space of an OZOPURE ozone reaction module takes about 1/5 of a glass tube reaction module at the same production capacity.

Modular and Versatile

OZOPURE offers units in a capacity from 0.05 up to 10 kg ozone production per hour. A larger quantity of ozone production can be achieved by the assembling several of such units. Each of such unit can work independently, so that the production can be managed easily and standby capacity can be minimized.

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