nuevas tecnologias

OZOPURE Electrical Discharge Chamber (EDC) in our ozone reaction modules is made of a high voltage electrode made out of a flat silver plate, a ground electrode made of flat aluminum, a flat ceramic dielectric plate and a small discharge gap between the ground electrode and the dielectric plate. It is driven by a high-frequency (about 8,000 Hz), low voltage (about 3,000 V) power supply unit.

Ozone is generated from oxygen by a low temperature plasma created by electric discharge in the discharge gap.

Heat generated by this process is removed by cooling water running inside the ground aluminum electrode.

An OZOPURE Flat-Plate Reaction (FPR) module consists out of multiple numbers of electric discharge chambers (EDCs), assembled by stainless steel bolts and aluminum endplates, resulting in a total metal robust module.

Each pair of EDCs’ is connected to a separate fuse, in a sealed plastic box and a led light indicates, whether a single pair of EDC is switched of automatically.

Power supplier unit of OZOPURE is made of Insulated-gate bipolar switch technology (IGBT)  with Oscillation Frequency locking (OFL).

The control board can trace the variation of the OFL and lock the frequency of the power unit within milliseconds, whenever working conditions, including production capacity, feed gas composition, feed gas pressure, feed gas flow or temperature are changing during operation.

nuevas tecnologias 2The proper function of the OFL can be observed by the waveforms of the current and voltage applied on to the EDC, when OFL is working, the waveforms of the current and voltage are always perfect sinusoidal.

OFL enables IGBT always switches on and off at zero voltage and zero current, the best working conditions for IGBT, resulting much lover heat generation and also much higher reliability of the IGBT. OFL also reduces heat generation from the main transformer.

OZOPURE OFL electronic technology makes the ozone generations system work at the best conditions at all times, while being much more reliable and consuming less energy.





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